Choosing a Wall Mount For Your Digital Signage

So you have finally decided that for your business you’ll use television to display digital ads, either someone else’s ads about their products or your own ads about your own products and services. Now you have to choose where you are going to display them, and how you are going to display them. There are generally two ways to do it: either use a TV mount or use a display stand. But how are you going to choose which one to pick? Here are some ways to decide which mount to choose:


  1. Check the area where you want to install your digital signage


It’s easier to decide what mount to use when you know where you’ll be putting it. Sometimes there are certain rules that must be followed, like if your shop is in a mall, for example. Should you use a TV stand? Can you drill a hole in the wall to install a TV mount? If there’s no wall where you can install the mount, can you use a mount that’s hanging from a ceiling? Decisions like these should be made before purchasing the required mount.
One of the best places to put your LED or LCD screen is at the entrance to your establishment. It is the most visible part of your shop for potential customers. After the entrance, the second most eye-catching area is the counter. You may set up the digital ad above the counter or in a visible area behind the counter. The third area that gets much attention is among the products. This is why you’ll see some shops set up small TVs that play digital ads on loop.


  1. Check out which TV mount is compatible with your display.


Some TV mounts are made for smaller and lighter monitors while there are some more expensive ones that are built for larger TVs. Buying the best mount for your TV will help reduce the overall cost. It isn’t good if you buy an expensive mount for heavy displays when you have a medium size display. It isn’t safe to use mounts made for medium displays with heavier displays, especially if the location where the mount will be used is an area where people pass by.


  1. Finally, be sure to buy a mount with approved warranty and quality control.


The best mount is one that can serve you for years and will last enough to support your display until its warranty expires. Also do take note how long the warranty will last: if it is six months to a year, be wary. Not only will this save you cost, but you can be assured of the safety of your customers and the mounted devices.




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