Charity Organizations Can Grow with Help from Aluminum Recycling

Not only is aluminum recycling good for the environment, it can also help charities and non-profit organizations grow in all aspects. This is because, when recycled in big amounts, aluminum can help fund small projects, raise awareness for the charity’s other causes, and encourage others to join their organization. Aluminum is one of the most abundant and easily accessible metals today. It can be found in soda cans, tires, and even in common household items. This means that collecting aluminum Read more […]

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Lien Filing on Forfeited Leased Properties

A mechanic’s lien gives contractors the right to hold onto property that has been improved on using their services. Lien filing is done in cases where clients are unable or unwilling to pay for services rendered. Once a lien is successfully filed, they have the option to either foreclose the property or take any “removable” from the property as payment for the debt. In the case of liens on leased property that has been forfeited, the contractor can still claim a lien on the estate in certain situations. The Read more […]

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