Penny Stocks And Day Trading

Day trading is all about short-term volatility. There is no place for Warren Buffet style investment philosophy in day trading. That is why day trading is such a good place to try your hand at penny stocks. Penny stocks are small-cap companies that trade, not for pennies, which the name would imply, but for somewhere around 2-10 dollars per share. Contrary to the name, penny stocks do not actually cost pennies. Many investors consider different levels of share prices as penny stocks, but the upshot Read more […]

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Your Innovative Primary Car Care Provider

You paid a lot for your car, most likely. Therefore, it is prudent for you to maintain it in good condition. But how? Well, the best way is to find an innovative primary car care center. These professionals will give your car the attention it needs for a long life. Just as you require regular medical care to be all you can be, your car should be taken to a primary care technician to function up to its optimal abilities. See someone who will give defensive people and defensive drivers alike the most Read more […]

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