Make your Shop Stand Out with These Easy Tips

There is already a lot of competition for attention online. Banner ads, eye-catching photographs, and click bait links are some examples. In the real world people receive even more stimulus. Unlike social networking sites, streaming platforms, and web pages; billboards, the bustling metropolis, and social interaction assault all five senses.

If you are a business owner in this very hectic environment, you may experience difficulty in standing out. If you run a shop in a public space or are setting up a booth at a gathering or exhibit, then making a difference may prove to be a challenge.


Fortunately, there are a few simple ways you can catch, and maintain, the attention of people passing you by, and make a lasting impression on potential clients.


  1. Maximise your use of banners and pop up stands

There are dozens of booths in one place during expos and public conventions in the city. While you can expect a whole lot of people to flock into the gathering, you will not pique the interest of anybody if you do not have a visual impact.


Use banners effectively. Print your company’s logo or name in huge letters so that it is visible and eye-catchy even from afar. If you are using a pop up stand, take advantage of the surface and do something visually creative with it.


  1. Use technology

Public spaces are noisy. Because of the chattering of passers-by, the honking of cars, and other natural outdoor sounds, it can be hard for your music, infomercial, or advocacy video to be heard, even up close. If so, people will lose interest because the sounds are not understandable.


The solution to this dilemma is to use technology. Offer a set of headphones for those who approach your booth and want to learn more about your company.


  1. Offer freebies

Everybody likes free things. If you are a cake shop, a fashion boutique, or a company that sells tangible products, allow people to try your stuff out by having freebies in your booth.


If people can taste, smell, or feel your product, it is more likely that they will remember your name. Letting others test your product also gives them the chance to use what you sell and convince them to buy.


  1. Be sociable

Nobody will want to approach your stall if you and your team are behind the pop up stand using your gadget or talking amongst yourselves. Stand up and be courteous: smile at people who pass by. Thank the people who take an interest in your booth.

It also goes to say that you should dress appropriately for the occasion unless your company has a specific branding that requires otherwise.


  1. Do not go overboard

Anything in excess can become harmful. Do not bombard your booth with neon lights, pamphlets, or clutter. Strike a balance between what is too little or too much.

The same principle applies to the people operating your booth: just one or two would do. Your team can take shifts hourly instead of flocking behind the pop-up stand.


There are a lot of challenges to the business owner, and setting up a physical store or pop up shop is just one of these. Staying natural and loyal to your brand and keeping in mind these easy tips will inevitably lead you to success.





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