UGears 3D Puzzles: a right choice for your family

Have you ever imagined yourself to be an ingenious engineer or a skillful mechanic? In such a case, a 3d puzzle is a right choice for you. UGears mechanical models provide a great opportunity to enjoy the amazing process of creating incredible models. They represent a two-in-one building set: a complicated puzzle and a beautiful toy. First, you have to solve an exciting and challenging task of putting the pieces together; then, you get a remarkable toy of striking design.

Materials of UGears 3D Puzzles

UGears are self-propelled wooden mechanical models that have to be assembled without glue. The models are made of high-grade 100%-natural wood, which makes them serve for many years. Besides, wooden puzzles can be easily recycled without any harm to the environment.

The variety of puzzles

The process of assembling a puzzle is engaging for children and adults alike. Considering the variety of choices, UGears models for adults cannot fail to be a great gift for every grown-up. What’s more, the 3d puzzles for adults are divided into three levels of difficulty: easy, intermediate, and hard. The process of assembling can take from 20 min to 16 hours, respectively. No matter what level you would like to start with, every model looks stylish and complex due to elegant shapes and whimsical ornaments. There are kits to fit every taste:

  • a fully operational hurdy-gurdy
  • a breathtaking carousel
  • a horse mechanoid
  • a lovely treasure box
  • boats and a Royal Navy vessel
  • astonishingly detailed steam trains and locomotives
  • vintage cars of different models
  • a windstorm dragon and gorgeous butterfly

These 3D wooden puzzles for adults are eco-friendly, interesting, and useful. Spend a few hours or even a few days, and a vintage car, a powerful steam locomotive, an outstanding butterfly, or a complicated wall clock will come alive under your hands. Following the instruction, you will experience pure magic and unforgettable emotions.

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