Is Investing in Resume Writing Services Enough to Land a Job?

Anyone out of a job might have considered hiring professional resume writing services once or twice. Even if you’ve always held a job, but it’s not the job of your dreams, perhaps hiring a pro resume writer has crossed your mind. But then maybe you backed out as soon as you started browsing the web for a resume writing agency and saw the lofty price tag.


We’re here to tell you that even though the top-resume writing services don’t necessarily come cheap, hiring one is 100% worth it. But is receiving help with your resume enough to land you a job? Here’s what we think.


Top Resume Writers Offer More than Just Resume Writing


Did you know that the best resume writing services aren’t just offering help with resumes? This actually comes as a major surprise to people. Sure, the agency might be called a “resume writing service”, but you’ll find right away that it is so much more than that.


The professional working with you won’t only help you with crafting the perfect entry, professional, or executive resume, but also a whole list of additional services. Depending on the agency you choose, you can also receive assistance with brushing up on your interviewing skills, updating your online professional profiles, and learning how to apply to jobs as effectively as possible.


Some Agencies Offer a Guarantee That You’ll Land an Interview


This isn’t the case for every resume writing agency, but the best ones are confident enough in their service to offer a guarantee of some kind. Typically this guarantee states that if you don’t land an interview within 90 days (it could also be 30, 60, or 120 days) then you’ll receive additional help. Certain services might even offer this as a money-back guarantee, it varies from agency to agency.


You Might Learn a Thing or Two About Your Career Goals


If you choose a more extensive package that provides additional services other than resume writing, you might receive career counseling sessions or guidance. Many job-seekers have found that these counseling sessions are more helpful than they ever could have imagined. In fact, some people have developed newfound career goals from these sessions.


You Can Often Have Your Current Resume Reviewed for Free


This service is not offered by every professional resume writing company, but the best ones will provide you with a resume review of some sort. If you have a resume, but just need some help in perfecting it, the top companies will review it for free. They’ll provide you with feedback on how to improve it and ask for no money in return. However, if you want to get the most out of the service, you should at least pay for the basic resume writing package.


So, is investing in a resume writing service enough?


As long as you are committed in finding a job (and aren’t setting your sights entirely too high), then yes, a resume writing service is sure to help.

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