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Verification of emails is checking the base of email addresses for authenticity and existence.

By sending newsletters to non-existent and duplicate addresses, as well as to addresses from which there is a high probability of receiving complaints, your letters will most likely be identified as “unsolicited”.


Therefore, not only your reputation will suffer, but also the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

When you send mass mailings and observe good delivery, openings, and conversions, it is unlikely that the validity of the email addresses of your lists will worry you. But when you notice that the percentage of openings and delivered letters falls dramatically, you will definitely think about the quality of your mailing lists. Evidence of an uninterested audience is also the number of emails that were marked as spam by recipients.

The validity is very important as it affects the reputation of the sender.

Users whose email addresses you collected for many years ago may not be interested in your mailings at all and send them to spam, and invalid addresses will not interact with your brand, because they can be spam traps. As for the reputation of your business, it can be significantly damaged in both cases.

Even if you conduct legal mailings to thoroughly collected list of addresses, you may not be aware of invalid email addresses.


What is the reason of invalid email addresses in your list?


Mailing Lists Purchasing

These lists will not bring any profit to your business, except for the damaged reputation. So use your budget wisely and never buy listings.

Old email addresses

Such addresses are associated with people, who may not remember when and why they signed up, therefore they won’t be interested in your services at all. It’s good if they see the “Unsubscribe” button, and if not, they will send you to spam.

Passive subscribers

Subscribers who don’t open your letters for a long time will damage your reputation as well as purchased lists. This indicates that your newsletters are not relevant to them.

Wrong addresses

It often happens that users make mistakes, filling in the blank with an email address which is already invalid.

Intentionally invalid addresses

Competition has always been and always will be. Users may knowingly give you the wrong email addresses to damage the quality of your mailing list and damage your reputation. Fortunately, this can also be avoided, but more on that later.

Spam traps

If you rarely verify bulk email address, then spam traps may well be on your mailing list. They are created in order to expose spammers.


How to check email for validity

To monitor the quality of the mailing list, you can use the services for validating email addresses. As an example, it can be ( This is the fastest and the most convenient way to verify hundreds or thousands of email addresses at once. The whole email list will be verified in seconds you’ll get rid of invalid, old and fake emails, which will tremendously increase your deliverability rate.


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