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Building A Strong Brand Through Retail Packaging

When it comes to triggers that attract and persuade consumers to purchase a brand, retail packaging becomes an essential in the marketing mix. Good packaging is a necessity to reflect the product and the personality of the manufacturing company.

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Miami reveals that a product’s attractiveness, measured by the time people spent looking at that particular product, was equally important as personal preference consumer hold for a brand. Companies can enhance this attractiveness through packaging that creates an emotional response, rather than communicate rational benefits for the consumer.

Retail packaging – new trends in the UK

The Packaging Federation reports that the UK Packaging Manufacturing Industry has yearly sales of £11 billion and employees over 85,000 individuals. The industry is catering to new trends such as GreenBottle, a plastic bottle that offer reduced petroleum materials alliance and weight savings. Such initiatives are helping UK companies utilise the ‘green’ tag to promote their brand among environment concisions consumers.

Other new trends to watch out include:

Lighter packaging

Lighter packaging is not only allowing retail companies to take advantage of lower transportation costs and better sustainability, but also helping their respective brands to stand out in store shelves. Senior consumers prefer brands offering lighter packaging for eco-friendly reasons, while demand from younger consumers is backed by potential cost savings.

Font-based packaging

This type of packaging is characterised courtesy of untidy and carefully handwritten fonts, which promote the brand in an authentic and friendly manner. Informal, fresh designs that look casual and spontaneous are setting the tone in retail packaging; the graphic based resource that was once focalised on a particular group set is gaining acceptance among consumers.

Custom one-colour packaging

This innovative packaging style doesn’t require a lot of budget and is ideal for companies who want their brand name, logo and tagline to make a statement. A variety of corrugated box styles or folding carton packaging at any reputable product packaging company make sure that businesses never run out of design ideas when going with the one-colour option. Because of its simplicity, the branding appeals to all consumer groups, especially those who don’t like too much clutter on packaged items.

Being involved

Retailers that have been stuck with a generic packing style need to step up before their target audience find home with other brands. This can be done by being a bit uncommon with visual standards. For example, if most of the packaging designs are contemporary, a company looking to stand out can go for a retro look focusing on quality and appeal.

Also, the shelf impact, the appeal of the product when it is present on a real shelf, can make a significant difference on how a brand of a company is perceived by consumers. In this case, retailers trying to get their brand message across a crowded line of shelves may be better off with simple designs; the colourful printed ones can easily blend in and go unnoticed.

Further, printed retail packaging comps/prototypes can give companies a realistic product idea and judge how it will portray the brand image. And it’s a good idea to test the package rather than end up with several packages that aren’t up to the standard. Retailers should therefore keep up with the latest trends and packaging standards to build a brand that everyone’s after.

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