Misha Kaura – How to Become a Leader

Some people are born with leadership qualities, and Misha Kaura exemplifies someone who was born a leader while also cultivating the qualities of leadership.  Unlike many, Misha Kaura has turned her natural talent for leadership into leadership excellence. Misha is a successful business leader and entrepreneur who has worked hard at her craft and this is how she was able to turn herself into a great leader.

Understanding the Team


Regardless of whether you are a high powered CEO, an entrepreneur or a line manager for a small firm, you will have a team underneath you as leader. The key to being a great leader here is to understand what makes a team tick. In order to achieve this knowledge you need to be a great team player, occupy each role within the team dynamic and once you understand how each should operate, you will be better placed to lead that team.


Lead From Your Position


If you are in employment then don’t wait for a leadership role to come along to start exerting your qualities, you need to lead from where you are. This means that no matter what level you are, you should be looking to take on responsibilities and challenges, you should put your neck on the line and you should also be trying to influence people and win them over. If you are going to take on a large amount though, you had better deliver.


Never Perfect


From the beginning of your career as a leader to the ned you should be open to any feedback and criticism which comes your way. When this happens you need to take stock, consider what you have been told, learn from it and move on. Nobody is immune to criticism and you shouldn’t be either, not if you want tome a great leader.


Get Communicating


A cornerstone of great leadership is communication and if you want to be taken seriously as a leader then you need to work on this. Communication is about speaking in the right way to the right people, it is also about conveying your message clearly and transparently. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that leadership is only about speaking however, it is also about knowing who to listen to and when, as well as being approachable to everyone who may want to discuss something with you.


Make Decisions


Decision making is a key part of leadership and you need to learn how to make decisions when they are called for. Being decisive is about weighing up pros and cons, looking at and calculating risks, and then having the wherewithal to put your neck on the line. If you are not good at making decisions then leadership will be something that you find difficult, start making them and dealing with the consequences.

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