Learning the winning streak of qualifying through competitive exams – Can writing skills help?

Being a student yourself, you are bound to know what you need to study and when you should study. These are some basic lessons which are taught in every school but do the schools and teacher authorities teach you how to study? It is indeed surprising that throughout our school time, we are never imparted the secret of learning ‘effectively’. New research is conducted almost everyday on teaching skills, education and different learning methods which we can use to read textbooks, memorize and effectively review the skills. If you’re thinking of how to write essays online, you may seek help of sites like to get your language and grammar knowledge honed once again.

Below are listed few of the most important studying skills which can assist you in obtaining surefire success in competitive exams. Let’s check them out.

#1: Get into the right mood to study the right subject at the right time

The logic is that when you study the same topic at the same place and at the same time, your brain gradually gets habituated with it and hence gets trained accordingly. Over time, you would just require following the clock and automatically slide in to the mood of studying the same subject within few minutes. You love it or hate it, this trick can do wonders. As long as preparing yourself for competitive exams is concerned, this trick is a necessity.

#2: Study for short sessions as they work better than longer ones

It has been found out by psychologists that students learn as much in sessions of 1 hour spread over a span of 4 days as they learn in a single 6-hour long study session. This means that students could curb their study time by at least 30% by utilizing a well-planned schedule or an organized time table. Majority of the IIT-ians are of the opinion that they can learn much more on the day before the exam than they can on any other day. So, study for short period of time.

#3: Don’t study with sleepy eyes

Trying to sit with books when you’re already sleepy is nothing but a waste of time. While for some 2 hours after having lunch is the time for sleep, for some others early morning isn’t the right time to read anything coherently. Instead of forcing yourself to study, take a 15-minute short nap to recharge your mind before sitting for study.

#4: Smart work is more important than hard work

The attention that you pay towards a subject is more vital than the time you spend on that subject. When you study for competitive examinations, you don’t count the number of hours. Rather you have to be more focused on the amount of attention that you’re paying to a subject.

Therefore, if you’re about to sit for entrance examinations, there’s still time left. Adopt the abovementioned study habits and let go the wrong ones that you have been following till today.

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