Interdependence PR – What Makes Them So Good

Just over three years ago my company decided to switch its PR firm and begin using the incredible Interdependence PR, one of the best in the business. The decision to change wasn’t just based on the fact that Interdependence PR are one of the best, but also because it dawned on us that we weren’t getting the best results from our previous provider. It can be hard to say goodbye of course, but ultimately business is about one thing and one thing only, making money. Since we have been working with Interdependence PR our business has moved up several levels and it is thanks to their expertise that we have been able to do this. I wanted to share with you why they are so good, in the hope that it can help you when you are looking for a great PR firm.


Customer Service


As a business we expect to receive excellent customer service from any company which we plan to use, something which many PR firms in particular don’t feel as though this is something they should offer. With Interdependence PR however I knew from the first meeting with them that this was a company which highly values its customers. This is important because if the PR firm which you have chosen to use cannot offer you high quality customer service, what does that say about what they are able to do for your business?


Results Driven


Because this was a new contract we set our goals slightly lower than they had been at the previous firm, this was really just to help us get started with Interdependence PR. In the first meeting with them however they noted that we should be aiming our sights higher, and that they knew exactly how to go about it. This dedication to excellence was something which really impressed us, as was their knowledge about what our individual targets should be. In the years and months since that first meeting, the team at Interdependence PR have displayed that they are more than capable fo achieving those high results which they set out for.


Business and Market Knowledge


Our previous firm had began to branch out into other marketplaces and that diminished their ability to work with us as they began to lose touch with our sector. Interdependence PR are experts within our individual marketplace and that means that they know exactly how to speak to our audience, what kind of tone to use and most importantly, how to gain the most traction. They also understand our business and have done from the outset, they had put the work in to learning about our business and its goals, and this was something which we saw the very first time that we met with them. Interdependence PR have used this knowledge of our business and our marketplace to help take this company to levels which very few of us thought possible at the beginning of our relationship.

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