How to Attract Followers on Social Media

No matter the size of your organization, your industry, or your goals, all business leaders could benefit from more followers on social media. Unfortunately, gaining a loyal audience on social media has become increasingly difficult over time. Considering how crowded the field has become, new business owners have to work very hard to earn the attention of potential customers and partners on social media. With that being said, today we’ll explain how ambitious pros can nevertheless attract quality followings on social media in 2020 and beyond. Check it out here:

Coordinate Your Accounts

Most businesses have multiple social media accounts. Some organizations may have one account per platform –– one account for Facebook, one for Twitter, etc. In addition, though, some businesses may have multiple accounts per platform, particularly if the business has multiple locations. As such, the first step to finding professional success on social media is to coordinate your different accounts. Make sure your entire team understands what to post, when to post, and how to interact with followers on social media. The last thing you want is to confuse potential followers with contradictory information on social media!

Deliver Key Updates

Want people to take your social media posts seriously? Then be sure to post serious updates on your pages regularly. Even interested consumers may get bored or tired of following one of your social media accounts if you only use it to post bland content. Instead, use your social media platforms to give your followers important updates about new products, services, special offers, or sales.

Invest in Advertising

Across the board, businesses that invest in social media advertising tend to see an uptick in their sales and engagement as a result. Plain and simple, investing in a social media advertising strategy can help you connect with hundreds –– or even thousands –– of quality leads your business otherwise wouldn’t have been able to locate. Keep in mind also that advertising can be used to boost awareness as well as to target possible customers. So no matter the marketing goals of your business, social media advertising can likely play an important role.

Keep at It

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to promote specialized products like 8 strip PCR tubes with caps or novelty t-shirts, the most successful organizations on social media maintain a strong presence over long periods of time. Business leaders need to recognize that many digital marketing and advertising efforts require time to produce meaningful results. Just because your first few months on Facebook or Twitter don’t go well, it doesn’t mean you should give up. Staying the course can be challenging for some professionals, but if you have a quality social media strategy, you need to give it time to develop.


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