Why Stretching Is So Important

It’s common knowledge that stretching is a vital part to any workout. To some this common knowledge may be viewed as a common misconception but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Stretching is incredibly important, not just to your workout, but to your overall health. Here we’ll talk about the many benefits of this age-old practice, why it’s so important, and the different ways in which it can be implemented.


First let’s take a broad look at the various ways that stretching can be beneficial:

  • Boosts energy levels
    • Stretching helps your mind stay alert
    • When you rest for too long your muscles contract which causes you to feel fatigued
      • Stretching disrupts muscle contraction
    • Increases flexibility
      • One of the most common benefits of stretching
      • After stretching your body takes up less energy during activity
    • Improves posture
      • Stretching helps to align the spine
    • Boosts stamina
      • Stretching helps to prolong the energy of your muscles by delaying the occurrence of muscle fatigue

All of these benefits can still be beneficial to the body independent of exercise. Meaning you don’t have to work out in order to enjoy the benefits of stretching. Of course they do work best in tandem.


Think of a time when you’ve been really tired but weren’t able to rest? Chances are you were at the workplace. No matter what kind of job you have incorporating stretching into your day is possible. Whenever you’re feeling tired on the clock performing a few stretches will help give a boost of energy.  One of the simplest in-office, at-your-desk stretches you can perform during the day for a little boost of energy is a stretch called the “chest opener”. It’s simple, just interlock your fingers and stretch your arms behind you. You can rest your arms on the back of your chair for added support. Click here for more stretches you can do at your desk.


It’s never too early to get into the routine of stretching. Teaching your children the importance of stretching and how they can incorporate it into their lives is crucial for their overall well-being. After all it’s much easier to continue habits that have been formed since childhood than to create new habits later on in life. You’ll find that as an adult forming new habits is virtually impossible. That’s why incorporating stretching into your child’s habit forming is key to them leading a happier, healthier lifestyle later in life.


Many people find the benefit in stretching before some of life’s most basic activities. Not just exercise. If you’re going to run errands say to the grocery store or shop for Christmas gifts at Kohl’s. You may find that stretching beforehand really can improve your overall physical experience. It’ll allow you to stay energized longer and to get more done by not wearing out faster.


Starting your day with a few stretches is a sure-fire way to having a great day. It helps to improve brain function, increase overall mobility, and improve energy levels. All of these benefits add up to a great start to your day!





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