The Most Important Variables You Should Remember When Choosing Boxes for Mailing or Shipping

One of the best things about running an e-commerce store is that you may have a lot more business nowadays – and the orders are pouring in as online shopping has become a standard. But if you are running that kind of business, you also know that to keep your customers happy, their orders need to be fulfilled on time and you also have to make sure that they will receive the items in good shape and condition. With this, you need to choose the proper boxes for mailing and shipping as well. So how can you make sure of the boxes you select? Here are the most important variables you should remember when choosing boxes for your mailing or shipping requirements.

What are you sending? Is the item breakable or fragile?

You should begin with the basics, and this includes thinking about what you are sending. Is the item breakable or fragile? What is its size? You should make it a point to measure the dimensions of the item in a specific order: first, the length, then the width, and lastly, the height. Does the item have a standard shape and size, or is it a special or unique item that a standard box may not be able to accommodate?

One rule of thumb you should follow is this: look for boxes that are just big enough for your items and perhaps some void fillers, but not bigger. If your box is too large, your shipping costs may be too high.

Does the product support itself or would it require void fillers or protective covers or packaging so it can stay in place? If your product is not fragile, such as a t-shirt or a book, you don’t have to be worried about leaving enough space in your box for void fillers. You can simply select a box that will snugly fit your item without any padding. But if the item is fragile or breakable, it’s best to leave some space surrounding the item and fill it with tissue paper, bubble wrap, or kraft paper so the item doesn’t move around. But try not to go overboard, either – use just enough fillers or padding to protect the item, or the box may burst.

Know the dimensions of the box

The dimensions of mailing boxes will be an internal measurement and not an external one and will be in the order of its length, its width, and its height. For example, if you opt for a single-walled box with a dimension of 380 by 250 by 130mm, this will signify its interior and not its exterior. But it’s also important to consider the external measurements when you send parcels using Royal Mail because boxes should follow the Royal Mail’s exterior measurement criteria and weight limit.

Are you planning to ship several items at one time?

Many e-commerce shops sell a variety of products, and your customers may purchase them in various combinations. So this can quickly make an order more complex. If you are trying to ship several items at once, you can get more creative when you fill a box with several items, nestling and turning them every which way so you can find the ideal arrangement. But you may have to purchase several differently-sized boxes so you can package your orders properly.

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