The 10 Most Addictive Gaming Apps in 2017

With so many games and apps at our fingertips (for often little or no cost at all) it’s not always easy to choose which ones should get to take up space on our device. Whether you’re looking for puzzles, racers or shoot-em-ups, there is a seemingly endless variety in every genre. If you recently got a new tablet and need ideas for hot apps, or just bored and looking for a way to kill a couple of hours – look no further. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gaming apps this year, so you’re sure to find your next favourite time waster.


This one gets very good scores across the board from review sites and real gamers alike. It’s a scaled-down military strategy game with classic cartoon graphics. The best way to describe Clash Royale is as a kind of card collector game for the 21st century. Players build their deck by picking eight cards. Choosing wisely is essential for winning the game, so a strategic mind-set is needed. Fans of Hearthstone and other strategy card games are sure to find this app immensely engaging.


This is a chaser, racer, space-age game whereby the first-person player is speeding about on a rocket ship somewhat reminiscent of a jetski. One notable aspect of Riptide GP: Renegade is the impressive graphics. Like in any decent racing game, you’ll become truly immersed in an attempt to catch your opponents. The option between career mode and race mode is also a nice touch as it lets you choose between investing serious time into a long game, or simply dipping in and out of the game when you get the chance.


Poker can seem like a pretty intimidating game for those unfamiliar with its rules but knowing of its notoriety for making people lose money. Enter Appeak Poker; the free, straight-forward poker app that lets you hone your Texas Hold’Em talent by challenging players from all around the world. A smooth and responsive interface also allows for a seamless playing experience, while the high score board will motivate you to keep getting better at this classic card game. You can use your thousands of free chips (awarded daily) to play a longer and more intense game, or you can enter a speedy round of poker for when you’re short for time. All these factors combined make Appeak arguably the best poker app available right now.



A golfing game which will have you hooked; Super Stickman Golf 3 has plenty of courses of varying difficulty, which allows you to make very wayward, weird and wonderful shots. This version is free-to-play, making it an attractive download, while also being an app that won’t eat up your storage space. It’s a simple 2D game, based on setting shot angles, swing power and direction. The app is based on a now classic and easy to follow formula for general sport games which is guaranteed to get you addicted.


It didn’t matter whether you were a skateboarder or not, games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater gave a generation of gamers the chance to get on virtual board and ride the ramps like the man himself. Touchgrind give you an even more immersive experience, insisting that the player gets better at timing, balance and direction. A ‘must have’ for fans of extreme sports gaming and generally addictive apps.


Yet another golfing app; World Tour Golf is a little more serious and realistic than the more whimsical Super Stickman Golf 3. World Tour Golf has shot shapes based on wind direction (a nice tailwind will get you extra distance; a cross wind will mess up that usually very straight drive) and the club selection are based closely on real golf. They game also manages to achieve realistic recreations of famous courses which you can unlock when advancing in the game.



A straight-forward shooting and dodging game; this app is a real throwback with a modern twist. The graphics are reminiscent of Space Invaders with a Tron vibe. Tanks: Seek and Destroy has the perfect amount of nostalgia factor while offering just the right amount of challenge. Best of all, its graphics will make you feel like a kid again.


Continuing with the nostalgia theme, this one takes the biscuit. Graphically similar to the classic Pac-Man, it’s another example of a reaction-based game which is easy to quickly dive into whenever you have a few spare moments. Featuring neon mazes and monsters; this app is also great for when you want to play two-player.


With visually pleasing block graphics, lots of variety in levels and a traditional ‘run and collect’ aim, Power Hover ticks a lot of boxes for addictive apps. Unlike in other easy-to-handle hoverboard or snowboard games, this one requires you to use extremely careful momentum, pressure and movements to advance.



Here’s an indie title that impresses. Following on from the global craze of Sudoku, this number puzzle will have your thumbs swiping in all directions. Simple in design but addictive in format, Threes does exactly that by asking the player to swipe numbers to find multiples of three. The game ends when there are no further moves on the grid (usually within a few minutes). Fortunately, you press reload over and over again.


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