Staying Safe While Cleaning The Hoard

If you live in a home that has been overtaken by a hoard or if you know someone who is living in a hoarding situation, there are a few tips that you can use to clean the spaces inside the house. The person who controls the hoard will need to be willing to part with the things inside the home. If not, then the process won’t work, resulting in more items being hoarded in the future.

Make A Plan
Before going into the home and just throwing everything away, you need to start with a plan. Determine if there is anything of special value or sentimental value that needs to be kept. Most of the time, the items inside the home that are hoarded are of no value. The person often keeps things just to keep them instead of throwing them away. Hoarding is sometimes done as a way to deal with emotions or an event that has happened in the past. Begin by earning the trust of the people in the home. If they don’t understand the process and develop a relationship with you of some kind, then it will be hard to begin removing the hoard. At times, professional help might be needed. Companies like Spaulding Decon Tampa can provide materials and support for clearing away any kind of hoard whether it includes food, trash or animals.

Use Protection
Most of the time, entering a hoarding situation often involves walking on top of boxes and piles that have an unknown base. You could be walking on an empty box and not know that it’s empty until it collapses. Some of the tools that you might need to enter a hoarding situation include a flashlight, gloves, mask, and coveralls so that fluids and other items don’t get on your clothing. Insect repellant is another tool that you want to take with you to a hoard as there will likely be roaches and other pests inside the building. Watch out for anything sharp that could linger inside containers or that could be on the floor when you’re walking.

Most hoarding cleanup situations require the effort of several people because of the amount of debris that needs to be removed from the building. A few people can work on clearing away the items from the inside of the home while others dump these items into a bin outside. There should also be people ready to take the bins to the proper location for disposal.

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