Marketing in the gambling industry :The challenges

Recent changes in legislation and advertising rules has led to a change in strategy when it comes to gambling brands. This covers gambling laws in Illinois and many other areas, who now need to rethink their approach to marketing. The industry is as competitive and fast paced as any other, with stores and many online brands. Gambling marketing has now become ever present in modern life with sponsorships and TV campaigns for all to see.


However, the industry is now in a state of change, following new legislation that has come into effect within the UK. This slashed the maximum limit per spin on fixed odds terminals known as FOBTs from £100 down to just £2. This led to huge concern for the state of betting shops, as these were one of the key forms of income in each.


There has been further challenges for bookies as of this 2019/20 football season. This has seen a ban on gambling ads being shown during life sports coverage before 9pm, from five minutes before the event begins and until five minutes after the game finishes. These changes have been implemented following the rise of public concern about these adverts, which were a regular occurrence during the World Cup last year.


Technology continues to grow and is now being further introduced into football. A key example being the introduction of VAR or video assistant referee into the Premier league as of this season. This system reviews decisions made by the on-field officials through the use of video footage. This innovative technology is expected to make a major impact when it comes to in-play betting.


This has led to gambling brands within the UK now looking to diversify and look to enter different markets such as the US. The latter is a market that has now become a very attractive option following the lifting of the federal ban on sports betting back in May of 2018. This now allows betting companies across the 46 states to take bets on professional and college sports.


These are all set to make an impact but it is the FOBT stake cut that is without a doubt going to be the largest. This is set to make major disruptions to high street gambling brands, which has been further backed up by recent industry figures. This showed that it could lead to up to a third of high street betting shops closing down across the UK.

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