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How To Ensure Green Waste Management

Due to growing prosperity and an ever-increasing population, the planet has seen a surge in waste generation. Protecting the environment has become a hot topic as a result, and businesses big and small are searching for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. There are a number of ethical concerns connected to getting rid of waste and it is important that companies play their part in helping to reduce the amounts of rubbish that end up in landfill sites.

Whilst research continues to be carried out on finding alternative methods to dispose of waste more efficiently, in the meantime the price of green recycling for supermarkets or industrial companies is enough to make heads spin.

However, options such as waste compacting as offered by companies like Thetford International Waste Management can make disposing of your waste safely and hygienically easy and affordable. Read on for more information about waste compaction and its benefits.


What is waste compaction?

Put simply, waste compaction is the process of using machinery and vehicles to crush residential and commercial rubbish down to size. This system is used in order to conserve space and prolong the use of landfill sites where as much waste is recycled as possible. Waste management services can be enlisted to assess your waste needs and then put a bespoke system in place to deal with your refuse.

Depending on the company’s policy (and the amount of waste you need to be removed), your refuse will either be put into static compactors bolted to the ground or placed into independent portable compactor units which will then be taken away to a disposal site.


What are the benefits of waste compaction?


Although it might seem like adding an extra step to the waste disposal process, in fact having your refuse compacted solves many other problems and even contributes to site safety.

Rubbish that hasn’t been compacted is more likely to be scattered by the wind, leaving your work site susceptible to hygiene issues. Loose rubbish can also become infested by rodents or other pests and scavenged by birds. Worse yet, if rubbish isn’t kept in check it can easily become a fire risk.

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of waste compaction for customers who need to sort out their refuse is the affordability. As prices are calculated depending on the volume of waste, the distance it has to be transported and the compacting site location, it can work out much more economical for big businesses.

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