Guide to Movavi Video Converter Video Compression Software

Movavi Video Converter supports a comprehensive list of video formats for video conversions. This is the video converter software for you if you work with videos and find yourself having to convert it into many formats. This is because it has a built in video editor which can be handy in case you need to edit the video. You won’t have to find another video editor to edit the video before converting it. It supports all the basic video editing functions which are the most commonly used functions.


It supports the presets for all kinds of major brand name smartphone models such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola and Nokia. You can use it to convert it into a suitable file format for watching on DVD, and gaming console. It supports a lot of compressed video file formats so it is great for you converting large size videos into small size videos. Whenever your hard disk is becoming overly occupied and lack in space, you can use Movavi Video Converter to convert it into a format that will output the video in smaller size.

There is no lagging when you convert large video files. There won’t be any quality loss during the compression of your large size videos. The quality of the video will be same good and you will still be able to enjoy the video while watching it on your device.

The conversion progress bar will appear during the video conversion. It allows you to monitor the video conversion in case you are anxious to know when the video conversion will be done. Usually, it takes less than 5 minutes to convert the video so it won’t be taking a lot of your time.

Movavi video compression software will show the progress in percentage, elapsed and remaining time of the video conversion. You can pause or stop the video conversion process and resume back later. The video conversion progress bar can be minimized to the tray.

You can conveniently make adjustment to the video in several ways including brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. The built in video editor allows you to rotate and make adjustment onto the video. Movavi Video Editor is affordable and worth every dollar you spend on it. The video editing features appear at the bottom.

You should never use free video conversion software because they have limitation and the output videos will have terrible quality. Using free video conversion software will also add watermarks onto the output video file. To save yourself from all these hassles, you should get a video editor software like Movavi Video Converter. With Movavi Video Editor, you can be assured that the output video will have top notch quality because it uses a special video conversion technology to optimize the users’ experiences.

Besides converting videos, Movavi Video Converter can also be used to convert audio files. It supports many types of high quality and compressed audio formats. If your video/audio files are on DVD, you can click on the Add DVD button and select the DVD drive to add the files onto the work area.

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