Eric Wetlaufer Superstar Attorney We Should All Learn From

If you have dreams of becoming an attorney it is always a good idea to learn from the brilliant people who have gone before you. It is for this reason that I want to talk a little today about the skills and traits of Eric Wetlaufer, a Wesson boy like myself and an attorney who has found great success in his career. I first worked with Eric as a paralegal on a case involving Fidelity investments and from the first chat that we had I could see he would go on to have great success.   since that first meeting I have had the pleasure of working with Eric several times and here is why he is someone who you could learn from.


Justice is Key


Eric began his career in law with the idea of making sure that justice prevailed and he was never in it to make huge amounts of money the way that some firms are. In fact such is his desire to see justice served properly he has often supported those who don’t have the funds to fight cases and he has helped many men and women on pro-bono cases, I’m not sure he has ever declined an offer to be honest. Many people get mixed up in this world and it becomes all about the money, this is not the case with Eric.




Eric has a wonderful grasp of what a team should look like and how to put a great team together. This is why he often wins the number of cases that he does, because of the synergy with which his team works with. Eric also understands perfectly what the roles are within the team dynamic and how each member needs to operate.




Eric will always work hard for his clients, much like attorneys do, but with Eric he genuinely cares about his clients and he has boundless empathy. He will always stay in regular contact with his clients via email during a case so that they are not in the dark about anything and whenever he gets a great result you can see that it means more to him because the client won, as opposed to him adding another victory to his career.




Throughout the court network and amongst legal professionals Eric is very well respected, even by those who may not particularly like him. The reason for this is that he has a wonderful ability to build relationships with people, be it professionally or personally. He is respected because he is good at what he does, he is also respected because of the way that he goes about his job, with integrity and with professionalism. In a world where it seems that everyone wants to trip you up, Eric is able to rise above all of that, focus on his clients and ultimately, focus on winning for them.


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