Charity Organizations Can Grow with Help from Aluminum Recycling

Not only is aluminum recycling good for the environment, it can also help charities and non-profit organizations grow in all aspects. This is because, when recycled in big amounts, aluminum can help fund small projects, raise awareness for the charity’s other causes, and encourage others to join their organization.

Aluminum is one of the most abundant and easily accessible metals today. It can be found in soda cans, tires, and even in common household items. This means that collecting aluminum scrap shouldn’t be a problem; even kids can help collect or donate scrap aluminum.

Considering this, an aluminum collection drive is one of the more reliable fundraising options. In fact, this metal is four times more valuable than any other recycled consumer material. The aluminum collected can be sold to authorized recycling centers. Resulting funds can then be used to support a charity organization’s other small-scale projects.

Holding a recycling event can also help raise awareness about the charity’s cause. This is especially true if the charity is working with other local companies and groups. Charities can work with schools, offices, hospitals, and restaurants, among others, when seeking support for their collection drive. The publicity generated by the event can help give these organizations a public platform to share their vision and mission with others. It will also introduce the organization to those who may not be familiar with the charity.

Using the public exposure provided by the event, charities can use these drives as a means of recruiting new members. Since recycling drives generate a lot of buzz in town, many people will be able to learn more about the charity through these events, and see whether they want to be part of it or not.

Find out more about planning an aluminum drive to grow your charity by visiting or by calling 847-741-4100.

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