Going Green Might Be The Best For Your Business

Though most, if not all, of the largest businesses and corporations have a dedicated green policy by now, many smaller and older businesses have yet to take a vested interest in being eco-friendly.

Perhaps they see it as a fad or a gimmick, something intended to impress a large consumer public, or something to fulfill a boardroom initiative that they don’t have to be concerned with. As a matter of fact, most businesses that haven’t ‘gone green’ believe it to be a measure that ends up costing more than it saves.

Renew consumer interest

Adopting an eco-friendly policy could go a long way in renewing a stagnated consumer base, particularly for companies in the food and produce industry. For example, there is currently a frantic demand for organically sourced products, something that increases profit margins across the industry, from farmer to deliveryman to supermarket.

Reducing wastage and increasing profit

If you haven’t done so in a while, reviewing your recycling procedures in an important measure to take. Businesses that go through a lot of glass, such as a nightclub or a restaurant, often end up throwing most of their glass waste in the general waste. It does make for an easier end-of-night clean up, but will eventually come back to haunt you – sanitation services are cracking down on mixing waste, as it can be generally detrimental to the recycling process. You can also end up overfilling your wheelie bins and incurring a per-bag penalty. If you’re in need of extra help, consider using recycling bins provided by Bywaters.

Saving trees, saving money

Many offices have yet to truly commit to going paperless. Granted, it will initially seem like a task that will set you back years and many employees will find it tedious. However, going paperless is the easiest way to cut administrative costs. You can start small, perhaps by running a trial in one of your office’s departments. If it is successful, you can transfer the considerable savings to the rest of the workplace.

Going green’ is a responsibility we all have. Whether you’re a corner shop or a conglomerate, it is important that we all do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and look after the planet. Hopefully, these tips can encourage you to make a decision that is healthier for your business and tomorrow’s world.

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