Which Private Security Services Do You Need for Your Business?

Businesses in South Africa require certain private security services in order to protect their employees and assets and minimise safety risks. By deploying the services of these professional private security companies, commercial enterprises can fortify their safety systems and may even receive decreased insurance premiums as a result.

So, which private security services do you need for your business?

CCTV Installation

Any commercial space should be equipped with CCTV systems in order to proactively avoid theft and reactively deal with these unfortunate incidents, thisfact is still relevant today. With CCTV systems in place, businesses can warn employees and customers that they are being watched, minimising the likelihood of unsavoury activities occurring. Should anything unfortunate happen, or if you suspect theft, the footage can also be used to spot these crimes.

Strike Protection

Especially relevant for businesses in South Africa, it may be necessary for businesses manging commercial properties to employ strike security companies, to protect their assets and safeguard their employees. The threats which are prevalent during strike action include, but are not limited to:

  • Vandalism
  • Physical Assault
  • Property Invasion
  • Intimidation

Strike security companies will have all these risks covered by deploying highly trained teams equipped to handle any situation.

Security Surveys

Another must-have for businesses is a security survey conducted by professional private security companies. The information collected from these surveys, which are completed by industry experts, will give the client insight into what needs to be improved upon and what is at risk. The existing security systems and property will be audited for efficiency and effectivity, giving businesses expert advice on what they can improve upon in order to minimise risk.

Other services which businesses may need include:

  • Guarding Services
  • Polygraph Tests
  • VIP Protection
  • Special Event Security

Maximise the safety of your business, assets and employees, by using expert private security companies that offer all the services discussed above, and more.



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