Things you must see while on a trip to Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a country to explore that has yet to see a major upswing in tourism (but will soon), it is our opinion that Sri Lanka is one of those places.

As such, we advise planning a trip here within the next couple of years before everybody discovers the secrets that this place holds.

Famed mechanical engineer Anura Leslie Perera was born and raised in Sri Lanka, and we think that he would agree with us that more people should discover his homeland.

If you are seriously considering planning a trip to Sri Lanka, here are several sites that you should not miss during your time there.

1) The ancient city of Sigiriya

If there is one major tourist attraction that you should see in Sri Lanka, make sure that it is the ancient city of Sigiriya. Centered around a massive rock outcrop that formed during ancient volcanic activity, an entire city was built atop this geographic anomaly in the 5th century.

While this place was to serve as a capital for a paranoid king that had usurped the throne from his father, it was abandoned less than fifty years from its founding.

Shortly after its abandonment, the Royal Palace was used as a Buddhist temple until the 14th century, after which it was abandoned for several centuries before being discovered once again by archaeologists.

The sheer geological scale of this UNESCO world heritage site will impress those that aren’t as easily swayed by its cultural value, while those that do will love the various sculptures and frescoes that they will find throughout this site.

2) Temple of the Tooth

If you are a fan of temples, be sure to visit the Temple of the tooth in Kandy. Another one of Sri Lanka’s many UNESCO world heritage sites, this sacred site is reputed by many Buddhists to contain an actual tooth from Buddha himself.

While some dispute whether this temple contains this relic or not, this immaculately carved structure, which sits among lush subtropical jungle, is a beautiful and serene place to visit whether you believe this legend or not.

3) Old Town of Galle

The Old Town of Galle is yet another UNESCO world heritage site that is well worth a look when visiting Sri Lanka.

After the Portuguese set up a trading post here in the 16th century, they built a fortress to help protect their new asset in South Asia.

Much of the expansion on the original structures were carried out by the Dutch, who took over the port from the Portuguese in the mid-17th century.

Despite declining in importance from the 18th century onward, much of the Old Town of Galle has stood the test of time, as its fortified walls, cathedrals, and cobblestone streets are in fantastic shape in the present day.

Be sure to leave plenty of room in your digital camera memory card for this unheralded gem, as you will be filling up much of it during your time here.

4) Nuwara Eliya tea region

When you are up in the highlands of Sri Lanka, be sure to sign up for a tea plantation tour. There are many places in this island nation that grow tea, but Nuwara Eliya is one of its best-known regions.

If you are particular about this popular beverage, wait until you are in this part of the country before committing to a tour.

Possessing the coolest weather in Sri Lanka, and with spectacular mountain scenery unfolding in all directions, it will be a day that you won’t soon forget.

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