Promotional Gift Ideas to Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty

In marketing, the continued satisfaction of our most loyal customers should never be neglected. Also, we must create the impetus to generate greater attraction of potential users. Good service and attention to detail when dealing with customers is the basis on which we can build the well-being of our customer base.


Apart from the tried and tested promotional gifts like USBs, coffee mugs, etc. you can try more novel and trending items like fidget-spinners and cubes. Also, you can offer a gift incentive that satisfies both the needs of current loyal customers and those of customers you intend to capture. This is a great technique. To do this you need to know their wishes. You also need to choose a method of implementation for these sales incentives. For example, you could create a contest and publish it on your social media accounts. This will also gain additional visibility for your brand.


Promotional gift ideas to increase sales and customer loyalty


  1. Travel as a gift, the yearning to see the world

People are increasingly eager to travel and see new destinations. This trend makes it easy to offer enticing trips as gifts to your customers, to help increase sales significantly. The effect of this type of gift is resoundingly positive. Customers will always associate the magnificent experience with your company. It will increase their loyalty towards it. Also, giving weekend trips, cruises or hotel nights costs much less than you might imagine.


  1. Special dates, especially the Christmas season

Christmas is the most special date of the year for many people. It is when people consume the most (in all senses!). That is why you can get real profit promoting gourmet Christmas baskets. These might include organic products; something that is now undoubtedly trendy. Or offering a good quality turkey or ham; an option that never fails. You can easily take advantage of other important dates like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, etc.


  1. Latest technology, so you do not get left behind

Portable technology is a permanent part of modern life. Embrace it! Look at the excitement generated by the promotions that involve the latest developments in technology. This is a guaranteed strategy that will help boost your sales channel. Consider smart watches permanently connected to the Internet, or tablets. They are options that never fail.


  1. Various leisure activities: theatre, cinema, experiences …

If it is in line with your brand, consider promoting experiences. These are best done in urban zones because it is low-cost and allows the number of tickets offered to be increased. This leads to greater customer participation. For example, think about gifting tickets to the cinema, a pre-opening, a show, a wine tasting, the opening of a restaurant, etc.


  1. Health and personal care, always an important factor

Finally, you can address a factor that is also on the rise: personal care. The subcategories in this section are various. They can range from moisturising creams, cosmetics or beauty products (with your brand) to experiences such as massages, treatments, natural therapies or a visit to a spa.


These are just some interesting proposals to increase your sales, improve the experience of your customers and their loyalty. There are many variations which can work well depending on your particular brand, product or service, and customer profile.


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