Business Innovation

Save Green By Going Green

There are so many reasons a company could and should choose to “go green” or, at the very least, make some green improvements to their offices and business structures. We’ve talked about a few of them already, in a post called Green Business Initiatives: Worth the Investment? Why Go Green? There are lots of reasons to go green and to take your business with you. Obviously reducing your carbon footprint is a good thing to do for the overall health of the planet. The fact that it makes you Read more […]

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Business Marketing

Building A Strong Brand Through Retail Packaging

When it comes to triggers that attract and persuade consumers to purchase a brand, retail packaging becomes an essential in the marketing mix. Good packaging is a necessity to reflect the product and the personality of the manufacturing company. A study conducted by researchers from the University of Miami reveals that a product’s attractiveness, measured by the time people spent looking at that particular product, was equally important as personal preference consumer hold for a brand. Companies Read more […]

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How to Compose a Customer Interview Questionnaire

Conducting a customer interview has many benefits – but only if you extract answers you can use to your advantage. To get the right answers however, you need to ask the right questions – and ask them in the right way. Ultimately, you are looking for honest opinions from your customers. You want to know about their interests and preferences. Ask them about routines, habits and needs to determine how your product can help, or does help them. Look for comparisons between your product and your Read more […]

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Business Legal

On Working Tax Credit : Who Is It For, How To Apply For It, And How Can It Help You ?

Working Tax Credit is a wonderful initiative on part of the British government to help supplement the income of hardworking but poorly paid men and women, who typically put in many hours of low income work each day, and often hold more than one job to provide for themselves and their families. We discuss the various aspects of this benefit, so that the information presented may be useful to a young person seeking to supplement his or her income, but unaware of the benefits that the government has Read more […]

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