Labelling Machines: Making the Right Choice

The success of the product labelling process as part of the production run greatly depends on the choice of labelling machine. You need a machine that adapts perfectly to your needs and that facilitates the labelling of the different items.


Bearing this in mind, here are some essential aspects you should consider before buying an automatic labelling machine.

Automatic labelling machines can mechanically label all kinds of products. With the latest advances in the labelling and packaging industry, the production systems of companies are being revolutionised because modern labelling machines provide great precision and have numerous applications. So, a modern automatic labelling machine is an asset which can not only save time but also money, too.

Depending on the type of product to be labelled (food, beverages, medicines, etc.), the most appropriate labelling machine(s) need to be carefully chosen. Choosing the right option will enable optimal operation and maximum benefits from the investment.

Factors to consider before buying an automatic labeller:

  • The container or the product that you want to label. They are usually differentiated by their shape, dimensions and material, and are classified according to whether they are cylindrical or flat.
  • The adhesive that you will use to fix the label onto the product.
  • The label – all its main characteristics: material, specific specifications, height, depth, width, etc.
  • The place where the machine will be placed. If you have a larger space available, it might be best to consider more than one labelling machine if production demand supports it.
  • The environment in which the labeller will work. Each type of labelling equipment has specific specifications and operational parameters, so these need to be taken into account; is the area wet, dry or dusty? Or are there any other limiting factors which might affect its operation?
  • The electrical voltage the labelling machine will need. Not all machines use the same electrical voltage. This is a point to keep in mind before you make any final choice of machine to buy.
  • Technical characteristics of the labelling machine, such as its size, dimensions, weight, special settings, a defective label detector, counter, etc.

Automatic labellers allow us to improve the quality of our products, regardless of the industry, while avoiding possible human errors. More and more companies have several labelling machines in their factories to help streamline the production process.

But if you would like all the advantages of custom product labelling without the need for large capital investment (buying the machines) you can also consider outsourcing the labelling function to a third-party labelling specialist which already has all the necessary labelling equipment. This will allow you to streamline your production process even more, as the entire labelling function can be outsourced.





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