Jonathan Levin Philadelphia Attorney, Why He Loves The Job

If you aren’t passionate or in love with what you do, you should look for something that does make you feel passionate, regardless of what that means for your career. One person who absolutely adores his job is my friend Jonathan Levin Philadelphia-based attorney at law and a serial winner in the courtroom. The energy which he always shows for his job is incredibly inspiring and it is something which we can all learn from. It doesn’t take a genius or a expose from the National Enquirer to tell us how many people are miserable in their jobs and that is why we should all learn from someone like Jonathan. Having lived with Jonathan for a while I can understand completely his love for his job, after reading ask yourself what positive things you may say about the job that you are doing.




It is clear that Jonathan absolutely loves the idea of justice and of people getting a fair trial, this is why his firm will often do Pro-Bono cases for the world’s misfits and vagrants who don’t have the funds to defend themselves although they are usually innocent. The idea of justice and the law of the land is something which Jonathan has always spoken about and this is why he adores the law so much.




ever since I have known him Jonathan has been a man of the people and he loves to learn about people’s lives and their backgrounds. They say that empathy is a key skill of a great attorney and Jonathan has this in spades. This is why he is always able to build a strong rapport with his client and it is also why the clients continue to come back to him.




I mentioned at the top that Jonathan is a serial winner and this in many ways is yet another reason as to why he loves his job, he loves to win. A defeat affects Jonathan in a terrible way and it doesn’t matter if he loses a big court case or a game of fussball, he always wants to get his own back. The fear of losing is why he works so hard in order to win and in winning he can be very happy in his position.




Jonathan has always managed to build great relationships and the team which he has assembled at his firm is one of the best in the state. This is yet another reason why he loves his job so much, because he knows that he has a team which will work to the best of their abilities at all times. Jonathan is very rarely stressed out about work because he has built the foundations for everything to look after itself. Owing to the work he has done, he can be very happy in his position.


How happy are you in your job?

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