How to Fit Hydration Into a Workplace Wellness Strategy

Hydration is essential for human beings to remain functional, but when it comes to productivity, one might even be surprised at how important a role proper hydration plays in boosting work capacity in each individual. Even the coffee we are all dependent on to wake up our brains every morning becomes more stimulating with reduced crash pangs when the body is well hydrated.

Within a workplace setting, adopting a proper hydration strategy within the core wellness program can not only be beneficial; it should even be considered essential. As to how one should approach this for maximum effect, we will get into that next.

Install a Few Flavored Water Dispenser Machines

Bevi flavored water dispenser machines are, without a doubt, the best way to fit hydration into a workplace wellness strategy and will work better than anything else you introduce. This confidence in the commercial water cooler stems from the fact that people love drinking carbonated drinks, and the flavored water the dispenser offers is similar to soft drinks but without any of the harmful sugar, calories, and additives that come in a bottle of Coke or Pepsi. A Bevi flavored water dispenser produces unlimited cool and aerated water that only has the essence of chosen fruits in each glass.

The reason why a simple office sparkling water machine can make such a huge difference is that it makes even the seemingly boring act of drinking water something that employees can look forward to.

Not only can your employees choose the flavors and even mix them to create their own unique flavored, sparkling water, but the machines are also actually economic investments as well, as far as the cost-to-performance ratio is concerned.

Remind People about Hydration

Most of us do not hydrate ourselves properly because of one universal reason, which is the fact that we forget about it!

To remind people about staying hydrated, hang a few funny and interesting quotes about the importance of drinking water in the most visible locations within the office. Make it an automated process to send employees a periodic email, reminding them about hydration every once in a while.

Although water breaks are common in sports, no one said you can’t adopt the same strategy in the office as well! Introduce a short water break or two every day, and more during the hot summer months.

Educate Them About Dehydration

Dehydration is often not as apparent as it should be, and yet it manages to cause devastating damage to our health and wellbeing.

Educate people about the dangers of unrealized dehydration, as well as its many symptoms. Justified fear can be a great way to motivate employees into keeping themselves hydrated.

Clean, drinking water is so easily available to the modern world that a lot of us have forgotten how precious and healthy the liquid is. Remind people of its importance, the many benefits, and encourage them to keep themselves hydrated throughout the work day.

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