How Remote Work Could Lead to Software Innovation

The proposed permanent change for many to remote work has opened the use of many different digital platforms that have become necessary to keep work moving forward – things such as Zoom and Teams have become a vital part of our day to day, but they aren’t without drawbacks. Not being widely used in this same capacity before, some are rather limited in what they can offer, and many are hoping for big changes to deliver on all of the requirements needed moving forward – but which could be the most impactful tech innovations brought about by this change?

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An opportunity for education – As well as the work place, many will have to adapt to the change for online education moving forward as some institutions have already announced that they will be spending the year with distanced learning, and perhaps some will even make the change permanently – many do rely on these previously mentioned software, but with little learning support included, this could certainly lead to different innovations in plugins and additional software that expand opportunities in the education industry for teachers looking to deliver learning online, and given the great need for it, it may certainly appear very quickly. This will be a big space to watch.

Retail has already made changes – Online retail has been one of the big drivers in this space for a long time as platforms have quickly evolved and change in order to deliver the service that has come to be expected – there have also been recent changes in delivery options for some as drones and robots are quickly becoming part of the delivery work force. Some of the process can still be laborious for some, however, and this may be the next big change for retail as a more streamlined process for certain aspects of online retail begin to make themselves more apparent.

Online gaming will lead the way too – Another industry that has been leading the way in tech changes online is certainly within gaming as a whole – many platforms have always been on the cutting edge of technology change and can provide all of the knowledge needed to businesses a little behind the curve on change – this past year in particular has already seen many services change as land-based options become less accessible, you can find some no limit casinos for example amongst the most popular despite regulation change to hinder growth, and each will have a lot to teach those looking to expand themselves.

If much of the change is to be permanent, many will have to adapt quickly – there’s no certainty when a wider return to normal will be so it’s better to be prepared for the long haul, and consumers as a whole will certainly find the many benefits that come from this too.

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