Don’t be Left Behind: How to Invest Wisely in 2018

How has your portfolio performed in 2017? Are you pleased with its returns or have you been scratching your head while wondering what went wrong? Regardless of what side of the proverbial fence you are on, this year is nearly completed and 2018 is looming only weeks away. Let us take a look at how you can leverage new opportunities in your favour as well as what to look out for within the world of online investing.

Look Towards Impact Funds

One of the primary benefits of impact funds is they are now associated with lower levels of volatility when compared with their non-impact counterparts. Examples of impact holdings include mutual funds, private equity holdings and their cash equivalents. As these positions can be tailored to your discrete needs, they are excellent alternatives if you are wary of becoming involved within an unpredictable marketplace.

Tapping into Tech

The technology sector has performed well during 2017 and this tendency should continue into the year ahead. However, it may be wise to examine up-and-coming companies as opposed to larger blue-chip organisations such as Apple; the ROI could be much higher. If we assume that the pound will increase in value when compared to the United States dollar, the NASDAQ could be a great place to begin. While it is too soon to make predictions with a great deal of certainty, many online resources are pointing to industrial laser providers and companies involved within the medical sector.

Keep an Eye on the Bitcoin

The Bitcoin has certainly seen its fair share of rises and falls during the latter half of 2017. Having reached as high as $17,000 dollars at one point before receding, many investors are keeping a close eye on this cryptocurrency. Volatility is still a very real concern. Some feel that this issue will be addressed as the Bitcoin is floated on a limited number of marketplaces in 2018. This should provide a greater level of stability than we have previously witnessed. There may even come a time when this currency is traded much in the same way as the pound, the dollar and the euro. Those who are looking for short-term profits should closely monitor the movements of the Bitcoin in the coming months.

All About the Platform

Regardless of your specific investment strategy, it is a foregone conclusion that any profits will quickly fall flat if you fail to utilise the correct trading platform. Firms such as CMC Markets have industry-leading trading tools to help with your investments. Some additional indicators of a worthwhile site include access to professional trading advice, the ability to choose from a wide variety of assets and a compatibility with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Leveraging these and other tools will provide you with the digital edge that is absolutely pivotal if you hope to make 2018 a red-letter year.

Even if 2017 was financially disappointing, never forget that losses can teach valuable lessons. Nothing moves forward in a straight line and experts have made incorrect decisions on occasion. Do not view these instances as stumbling blocks, but rather as stepping stones. 2018 could very well prove to be the year that you finally enjoy sustainable wealth.

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