2018 Tech Innovations

Anyone would love to discover new opportunities and trends. This article is all about innovations and latest technology, for you to have an idea of what to look forward to in 2018. For instance, Lucky Pants Bingo is an innovative mobile app, that enables players to play games online. This highly entertaining site provides inventive games, that can make anyone spend quality time. It is believed that in 2018, Lucky Pants Bingo will have more faithful gamers since it is always coming up with amazing games.


The everyday life can be daunting; work must be accomplished, shops need to  run, and bills have to be paid. However sometimes, the wonders of what technology is capable of hit us. Between them are programs, systems and devices that not only make life easier, but they also come up with the opportunities for new branches of development. In the below, you will read about some of the best tech innovations, of what to expect throughout 2018.

360-Degree Selfies

Who doesn’t like taking selfies nowadays? The world has evolved, and people live in a 360-degree world. But yet, we have become familiar to sharing it in a one-dimensional way. At the moment, such as many other technologies, 360 cameras are becoming better than ever, and most importantly cheaper. With 360 videos becoming widely available and more affordable, you can expect user-generated content to experience a revitalisation.


Affectiva is an emotion identification technology, that uses deep learning methodologies and computer vision to analyse emotions and human facial expressions. It usually uses a regular webcam, which has always been successful.

Clips App

The clips app is more familiar to iPhone users. Clips is an iPhone app that comes packed with amazing features. It is capable of adding titles by voice. But what makes users enjoy it to the maximum is that it isn’t protected down to one social network. A video in clips can be made and shared to any social media platform. For marketing purposes, this app could be more useful.

Payments Through Facial Recognition

Swapping PayPal, credit cards, cash, and other e-payment programs with facial recognition provides a secure and safe way for e-commerce sales. It is believed that this is one among the best inventions for the e-commerce industry. As soon as it becomes available all around the world, it will change the way people shop online.

Self-Driving Trucks

This could be a major blow for many truck drivers around the world. They could be out of a job, and this is not something great for them. However, the positive aspect of Self-Driving Trucks is that more shipments will be on time. On top of that, there will be less accidents on the road.

Quantum Computers

Important developments have been lately made by Intel, Microsoft, Google and others in the domain of quantum computers. By next year, all the physics problems will be solved. Long ago, technology was considered to be a work in progress. During 2018, you might see the breakthrough moment of it. And within three to six years, quantum computers with unbelievable power will be presented.

The world is evolving, so is technology. New technologies and innovations are changing the world and shaping the future. Every year, Popular Science selects 100 greatest innovations, and by next year, it is believed that they might have to choose more. In 2018, it could be the breakthrough year for technology.

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